UK to build separate roads for electric buses

(ORDO NEWS) — Britain will build separate roads for electric buses and cut down 500 trees for this in a park of national importance. The Council of one of the largest counties of Cambridgeshire in East Anglia has decided to strengthen environmental care.

To do this, eco-friendly electric buses will be launched along the routes of the county. But for this type of transport, special routes are needed – “green bus lanes”.

One route is to run from the county seat of Cambridge to the rapidly growing university town of Camborne, nearly 13 kilometers from the capital. But there is one nuance, because of which conservationists rebelled against a seemingly good project.

The new route would pass through Coton Orchard, also near Cambridge, which has about 1,000 trees producing 26 varieties of apples as well as plums and pears, and is a designated high priority habitat. And to lay the route, you have to cut down 500 mature trees.

The project has already collected 2,300 signatures, but county councilors voted 33 to 26 in favor of the new bus route.


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