UFOs on Pentagon videos are not related to aliens

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Unidentified flying objects in the videos published by the US Department of Defense are not related to extraterrestrial civilizations, they can be atmospheric or radar phenomena.

On Monday, the Pentagon posted videos on its website that capture “unidentified phenomena.” According to the agency, one of the three unclassified videos of the U.S. Navy was shot in November 2004, the other two in January 2015. In 2007 and 2017, they all went online without the Pentagon’s sanction; their authenticity was recognized by the Navy.

These are really unidentified flying objects. It can be atmospheric phenomena or radar phenomena, which most often happened.

UFO videos previously circulated on the Internet, which in fact turned out to be connected with planes in an unsuccessful perspective or missile launches.

In the videos of the US Department of Defense made from military aircraft, some flying objects are visible, which in appearance can not be attributed to either planes, or helicopters, or to other known aircraft.

No, of course, there can be no aliens. There are no extraterrestrial civilizations.


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