Two Suns rose over the Earth: scientists have confirmed this fact

(ORDO NEWS) — The Oort cloud, a huge bubble with rocks and ice blocks, showed scientists that in the distant past, not one Sun, but two, rose over our planet.

According to the findings of Avi Loeb of Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical University and Amir Siraj, his student, the Oort cloud may also contain entire planets and the solar system as a whole. All the debris in the cloud has been collected and ordered by the Sun due to its strong gravity. One body would never have been able to collect so much space debris, so our star clearly had a partner.

Scientists believe that the Oort cloud contains other star systems, such as Alpha Centauri, where there are as many as three stars: Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and Proxima Centauri. The bubble of this system begins where the bubble of the solar system ends. They actually relate to each other.

The twin of the Sun completely repeated the dimensions, etc., but it was only 1000 times farther than the Earth from the Sun. The second luminary for some reason sailed off 4.5 million years ago. It was this that helped in the creation of the Oort cloud.

Perhaps scientists even found the Sun’s brother. Astronomers from the University of Texas some time ago reported that they saw a star that could arise along with our star. Material and dimensions are identical. The body, codenamed HD 162826, is 110 light years from the Sun. It is difficult to say whether the star has acquired planets. It could well have happened – there was enough time.

Scientists believe that stars can form in whole groups and then fly off in different directions. That is why they are completely identical to each other. Perhaps our Sun has several dozen twins.


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