Dark energy objects accelerate the expansion of the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists still cannot understand what the expansion of the Universe is connected with: what force contributes to this. According to one theory, the expansion is provoked by mysterious objects like black holes, consisting of dark energy.

The information that the Universe is not static has been known for a long time. Several independent teams of scientists in 1998 found that the expansion rate is increasing. For this they received the Nobel Prize, and the rest of the scientists seriously thought. No one knew what force could stimulate expansion.

The unprecedented force of acceleration was called “dark energy.” It was determined that it occupies 68% of outer space. To this day, it is not known exactly what this dark energy is.

Some theory says that this form of energy is hiding in a special class of objects called Generic Dark Energy Objects (GEODE). Objects may in many ways resemble black holes, but they do not exist, since they consist of a core of dark energy and a rotating layer.

Recent research has shown that GEODE may well be the force that accelerates the expansion of the universe. According to the conclusions of experts from the University of Hawaii, the intensity of rotation of the layers of objects changes their course relative to each other. GEODE is gaining more and more mass as a result of the expansion of outer space. When the outer layers rotate at the speed of light, the GEODEs repel each other. This is how the universe expands.

Scientists hope that their conclusions will be confirmed by observations. Perhaps it will be possible to observe a completely new class of phenomena. If the theory is confirmed, some corrections will have to be made to Einstein’s equation.

GEODE could have been formed by stars instead of black holes during the explosion at the end of the life of the stars. The new theory is fully consistent with past observations.


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