Tropical bed bugs appeared in Russia

(ORDO NEWS) — The department said that this type of insect is new for the European part of the country, but every year their number is increasing. They are most commonly found in residential areas with poor sanitation or high density of people, but can exist and reproduce in safe areas.

Bedbugs can enter the house with things, clothes or furniture, or crawl through ventilation or outlets, so if insects get into at least one apartment, they can spread throughout the house. They can also be brought after rest in hotels. To avoid this, you need to carefully examine the bed and, if you suspect, refuse to stay in this hotel.

Bites on the human body after sleep can indicate the appearance of bedbugs, but tropical bugs can also attack during the day. They are active mainly in summer and at the beginning of the heating season. Rospotrebnadzor advised to change bed linen more often in order to notice their appearance, as well as to check if there are specks of blood on it.

For prevention, you need to regularly clean up, vacuum, immediately wash bedding, inspect sofas, carpets and check the joints of furniture parts, frames and the inside of lagging wallpaper. When traveling, it is worth keeping suitcases in the bathroom or shower, putting dirty things in a tightly sealed bag, or giving them to the laundry or dry cleaning.


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