Thieves return stolen idols to Hindu temple after ‘nightmares’

(ORDO NEWS) — Unidentified individuals returned a collection of stolen idols to a temple in India, along with a letter claiming that they suffered “nightmares” after the theft.

16 idols were stolen on May 9 from a 300-year-old temple of Lord Balaji, an aspect of the god Vishnu, in the Chitrakoort district of Uttar Pradesh.

Police launched an investigation, but a bag containing 14 of the 16 idols was anonymously returned to the temple, according to the Times of India.

With the returned idols was a letter, presumably from thieves, who begged for forgiveness for the crime.

“We have been suffering from nightmares since we committed the theft, and we cannot eat, live or sleep in peace,” the letter says.

“We are fed up with scary dreams and are returning your valuables.”

Among the idols were copper and brass, as well as some silver ornaments. The police continue to search for the thieves.


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