A photo of a robot lost in the forest has become popular on the Web

(ORDO NEWS) — A picture of a delivery robot wandering through the woods has caught the attention of many Twitter users.

The day will come when mail carriers will be replaced by automated robots capable of navigating busy streets and convoluted paths, as well as delivering packages right to your door.

However, such a future may be quite far away, as evidenced by a recent photo taken by Matthew McCormack, who was cycling through the woods in Northampton (UK) and came across a strange delivery robot that looked lost.

The machine that usually delivers groceries seemed to be far away from where it was supposed to be, and “walked minding its own business” along a forest path.

McCormack photographed it and posted it on Twitter. The next morning, he was surprised to find that the picture had gone viral with over 240,000 likes, 20,000 retweets and 2,000 comments.

Many social media users saw this as something amusing, with someone suggesting that the robot had “gained its mind” and was in the woods on a “walk to restore its mental health.”

The robot was not lost, but was on its way to its next customer, according to a report from Starship Technologies, the robot operator. That is, it’s time to get used to such pictures when you meet a lonely delivery robot in an almost deserted area.

Earlier, futurist James Lovelock said that cyborgs will build their own world , and humanity may disappear from our planet.


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