The youngest planet in the known universe

(ORDO NEWS) — The age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years, and during this period the planet has passed the most difficult evolutionary path. The young Earth was subjected to constant “shelling” from asteroids and comets, due to which the surface in some areas was heated to 900 degrees Celsius.

The youngest planet in the known universe

Somehow miraculously, in this “hell”, conditions changed radically and allowed life to begin. A study of the most ancient asteroids and comets in the solar system should shed light on many questions.

Even by astronomical standards, 4.5 billion years is a lot, so when astronomers come across young objects several tens of millions of years old, they immediately catch the attention of the scientific community. Usually, these objects are some kind of asteroids and gas clouds, but what if the conversation is about the planet?

In 2010, the gas giant BD + 20 1790b was discovered, orbiting the young star BD + 20 1790. It is 6 times the size of Jupiter but is only 35 million years old. In 2018, the existence of the planet was confirmed and studies of the mysterious object continue.

How could such a giant object appear in the Universe in such a short time? For astronomers, this is an unanswered mystery. Studying BD + 20 1790b will allow us to revise the model of planet formation and look at their evolutionary path from a new angle.


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