What does the future hold for the Earth’s magnetic field?

(ORDO NEWS) — The most accurate measurement of the Earth‘s magnetic field was carried out more than 180 years ago and since then it has been observed how its intensity changes. Albert Einstein was seriously worried about this and said that the observed weakening of the magnetic field is an unsolved mystery of physics.

If the magnetic field of our planet becomes weaker, then the protective functions assigned to it by nature itself also weaken.

It turns out that the field can reach a certain conditional minimum and this will lead to the death of all life on Earth? Could this happen?

Israeli geophysicists from Tel Aviv University have allayed concerns. Scientists analyzed ancient earthenware jars that were made around 30 BC. and found that in those days the Earth’s magnetic field was 2.5 times more powerful, and then suddenly it became weaker several times.

Potters, burning clay jugs, had no idea that the material included minerals containing information about the magnetic field of the planet. Thanks to them for their unconscious contribution to science! Thanks to the masters of antiquity, the researchers learned that the earth’s magnetic field either weakened or became more powerful.

“For 180 years, the intensity has changed by only 10%, and 2500 years ago the field weakened several times and, as we see, life on Earth has not disappeared anywhere. The fixed decline will be replaced by a systemic increase. There is no cause for concern, emphasized Erez Ben-Yosef, lead author of the study.


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