The wolf that eats bananas

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  A maned wolf in South America has a unique appearance. He looks like a large fox on high legs. However, its features do not end there.

The diet of these representatives of the canine family consists in almost equal proportions of food of animal and vegetable origin. As a rule, maned wolves prey on small mammals – rodents, rabbits, armadillos, as well as some birds and fish. But in addition, they constantly eat sugarcane, tubers of various plants and fruits. In particular, maned wolves love to feast on tomatoes, apples and bananas.

Earlier in captivity, maned wolves, like other representatives of the genus, were fed meat, because of which they formed kidney stones. But today in all zoos these wolves are treated with fruits and other plants, which causes constant surprise and delight among visitors.


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