Coronavirus infect in 30 minutes (VIDEO)

The Japanese have clearly shown how quickly the infection can spread.

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Japanese NHK Public Broadcasting Network, together with experts on infectious diseases from the Faculty of Medicine of St. Marianne University in Kawasaki, has presented a video that demonstrates how quickly the infection can spread in a confined space.

Experiment participants participated at a buffet table for 10 people. A small amount of fluorescent paint, which imitated a virus, was applied to the arm of one of the volunteers. Then the participants were given the opportunity to chat at the buffet for 30 minutes.

After turning on the fluorescent lamp, it turned out that the paint was on the hands of each of the participants in the experiment, and three got on the face. It has been found that tongs, dish covers and the handle of a beverage container are most to blame for the spread of the “infection”.

NHK and experts also conducted a second experiment. This time the dishes were divided, the tongs often changed to clean, and the participants were asked to wash their hands often. In this version, no one except the initially “infected” person caught a fluorescent “infection”.

The World Health Organization is constantly reminded of the need to regularly wash hands with soap (at least 20 seconds), not to touch the mouth, eyes and nose, and to observe social distance. These measures are most effective in controlling the spread of coronavirus.


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