The symptoms of COVID-19, which may appear after a full vaccination

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(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors recommend paying attention to some symptoms, because the risk of contracting coronavirus exists even after a full vaccination is carried out. It is worth noting that vaccination is currently considered the really only effective way to overcome the virus. 

Great Britain managed to prove this in practice. Many people in the country continue to become infected, but the number of hospitalizations as well as deaths has decreased significantly.

This is reported by Express.

How a person’s body responds to a vaccine depends on a variety of factors. The main ones are age and gender, dietary habits, the presence of stressful situations, taking certain medications, and so on. 

This suggests that some people will not be able to have a strong immune response to the vaccine and therefore will remain at a minimal risk of contracting the coronavirus.

In total, experts named five symptoms that may indicate the presence of the disease in people who have been vaccinated.

• Runny nose;

• Headache;

• sneezing;

• Loss of smell;

• Sore throat.

In turn, symptoms such as fever or shortness of breath are extremely rare today and are no longer considered the main indicators of the presence of coronavirus. 

The experts noted the fact that vaccinated patients infected with covid very often complain of sneezing, especially when compared with those who did not have time to get vaccinated. 

Therefore, they advise from time to time to get tested for the presence of the virus, especially if any suspicious symptoms appear.


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