The secret of the construction of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops is revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from France and the United States conducted another study and found that cement was used to build the well-known Cheops pyramid, and not huge stone blocks, as was previously thought. The carved blocks were used only to erect the basement and make the building’s facing.

Using cement to build the pyramid explains why some of the blocks fit together so well. This material has the ability to settle over time and take the shape of the block that is below. For the first time such a theory appeared in the 70s of the last century and was proposed by the French chemist Joseph Davidovich.

The scientist analyzed the composition of the material from the pyramid and those stones that were nearby. It was very similar, but still there were differences. He also managed to prove that cement can be created from a lime solution and it will have an identical chemical composition to those samples that he had previously studied.

If we take into account the proposed theory, then soft limestone, which contained a lot of kaolin, was mined near the Giza plateau. After that, he was soaked in huge puddles, created thanks to the Nile, so that he turned into a suspension. Then diatomaceous earth, lime or sodium bicarbonate was added to the material and waited until the water completely evaporated. The finished cement dried up a couple of days after such manipulations.


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