Atypical symptom of coronary heart disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Every year, a huge number of people die from problems with the cardiovascular system. Ischemic heart disease or ischemic heart disease is no exception.

Pathology is an acute or chronic heart disease that occurs as a result of an insufficient supply of arterial blood. Experts have found that a very unusual symptom can indicate the gradual development of this disease.

In the British medical journal BMJ, the results of a study were published, during which scientists found that the development of pathology can be indicated by diagonal folds located on the earlobes.

This symptom was called Frank’s sign. The experiment involved 558 people, whose age ranges from 36 to 91 years. All of them had previously undergone coronary angiography.

All participants were divided into three groups. The first included people without Frank’s sign, the second included those with a one-sided symptom, and the third with a bilateral symptom.

The latter category included mostly men and the elderly, as well as those who had a fairly severe stage of coronary artery atherosclerosis.

During the study, it was found that the risk of developing coronary heart disease is much higher among those participants who have Frank’s symptom.

At the same time, scientists noted that this issue should be continued to be studied, but today it is quite possible to diagnose the presence of pathology with its help.


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