The mystery of the disappearance of five planes in the Bermuda Triangle solved

(ORDO NEWS) — On December 5, 1945, five US Air Force torpedo bombers were sent to the Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19 was commanded by Lieutenant Charles Taylor. Then the planes suddenly disappeared from the radar for everyone. A specialist from Australia, Shane Sutterly, shared information about what then provoked such an incident.

He believes that the cause of the incident was far from paranormal phenomena, as most believe, but that the crew made certain mistakes in their actions. After the weather changed, Taylor stopped using instruments and was guided solely by what was happening behind the windows. The scientist added that this was not the first time that Taylor was lost in the dark. He had already been rescued in the Pacific twice before.

In addition, the crew mainly consisted of inexperienced pilots who did not know how to use the instruments well enough, especially if difficult weather conditions were observed. All torpedo bombers sank within seconds after being forced to land directly on the water.

When planes sink in the ocean, it is almost impossible to find them. Even today, this is a huge problem, and almost 100 years ago it seemed completely fantastic.

The scientist also stressed that the US military knew perfectly well what provoked the tragic incident, but Taylor’s mother said that no one has the right to blame only her son for what happened. She added that there is no evidence of this, because the plane has never been found. As a result, the military had to indicate in the report that the reason for the disappearance of the torpedo bombers is unknown.


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