A phenomenon unknown to science was recorded in the Universe

(ORDO NEWS) — A very unusual discovery was made by scientists from the University of Iowa when they analyzed data sent by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes. So, scientists noticed cosmic rays generated by electrons and accelerated shock waves. The phenomenon occurred as a result of coronal solar mass ejections.

Scientists have been trying for a long time to identify the phenomenon, but in the end they declared that it is unknown to science. The movement of electrons of light occurred at the speed of light. This is 670 times faster than the speed of the shock waves that accelerated them. About two days after the burst of electrons, the probes recorded oscillations of plasma waves. They gave rise to electrons with weaker energies. The shockwave did not reach the equipment until 30 days later.

According to research, the shock waves were created from coronal ejections of gas and energy, which start from the Sun. The travel speed is usually more than 1 million km per hour. Despite such tremendous speeds, the flow needs at least a year to reach the probes, which are located 30 billion km away.

A rather strange phenomenon raises a lot of questions from scientists. So far, only a small part of what happened has been explained. Since the specialists are faced with a completely new process, it will take an indefinite time to clarify all the points.


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