The most “hungry” known black hole in the Universe is also the most massive

(ORDO NEWS) — We now know how massive the fastest growing black hole in the Universe is, and also what is the “daily portion” of matter absorbed by it, thanks to a new study conducted by a team led by Dr. Christopher Onken from Australian National University.

The mass of this “space monster” is 34 billion solar masses, and this black hole “swallows” matter a mass of about the mass of our star per day, Onken and his colleagues report.

“This black hole is about 8,000 times larger than the black hole located in the center of our Milky Way galaxy,” Onken said.

“If the black hole of our Galaxy grew to such a size, for this it would have to absorb two-thirds of all the stars of the Milky Way.”

This giant black hole – known as J2157 – was discovered by this research group in 2018.

“We are observing it at a time when the universe was only 1.2 billion years old, that is, less than 10 percent of the current age of our world,” he added.

“This black hole is the most massive in this early era in the history of the universe.”

Scientists still cannot explain how this black hole managed to gain such a huge mass so early in the history of the evolution of the Universe, however, the Onken team is currently searching for new black holes that may help to answer this question.


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