The man at the time of clinical death visited Hell

(ORDO NEWS) — What awaits a person after he dies? Do Heaven and Hell really exist, or is there a void after death? Many people who have experienced clinical death describe their state as a state of bliss and peace, but most likely there are those who, at the time of clinical death, ended up in Hell.

During clinical death, not everyone sees heaven or some kind of tunnel with light at the end. Some may not feel blissful as they go to Hell. A man whose name is Charles, some time ago on the official website of the Foundation for the Study of the Near Death Experience, published his incredible story. He said that in 1996 he had a heart attack, as a result of which the man experienced clinical death. His heart did not beat for about 20 minutes and therefore could be considered dead. Doctors were able to start Charles’s heart, but when he was taken to the hospital, it stopped two more times. Each time it was still possible to revive him.

During one of the “deaths” he experienced, the man felt that he was floating in some dark and weightless space. Charles immediately realized that he was on the other side, where they usually go after death. He did not understand why he died, and then felt that he had no body. The man was in the dark all the time and felt that he was attracted by something to him. Then Charles realized that there was something terrible and evil nearby. After that, the man saw three creatures resembling real demons. They sat at Charles’ feet and spoke to him in different languages. He immediately felt that he was in a dark chamber and lying on an ice slab. Charles realized that he was in Hell.

The man could not see the demons, because a little light was coming from behind them and therefore only silhouettes were visible. Charles soon realized that the light was Jesus who came to save his soul. As soon as he realized this, he immediately woke up in the hospital.

In the next few years, the man experienced two more heart attacks and two times was in a state of clinical death. And every time he went to Hell, where demons tried to take him away.


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