The girl who saw Jesus at the time of clinical death told about trials for people

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Quite often, people during clinical death meet with representatives of the Higher Forces, one girl from Brazil is no exception. She was able to talk with Jesus himself, asking about some of the trials that people will experience in the near future.

For three days of revelation, the girls scored almost 10 million views. Probably, many were convinced by the words of a young resident of Brazil. The story began with the fact that the girl fell into a bright castle made, apparently, of gold. There she saw the throne on which God sat.

The girl found out that coronavirus is not the only test. Everything will begin on April 21, just then a new misfortune will begin to take lives. It is better for people not to leave their houses, and keep the windows tightly closed. The disease will come in the form of smoke. God noted that he sent an angel to warn people.

Death from an unknown disease will occur instantly. Apparently, we are talking about air poisoning. Maybe this is somehow connected with the fires that poison entire cities.


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