Handbag from a meteorite was presented by the French brand Coperni

(ORDO NEWS) -- French luxury accessories brand Coperni recently unveiled a limited edition bag hand-carved

Astronomer captures the fall of a meteorite on the moon (Video)

(ORDO NEWS) -- On February 23, 2023, Japanese astronomer Daichi Fujii took a picture of

Unexpectedly appeared meteorite burned down over the English Channel

(ORDO NEWS) -- Early on the morning of February 13, the Konkoy Observatory in Budapest

Intriguing meteorite from Mars shows ‘tremendous organic diversity’, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- In a recent study published in the journal Sciences Advances, an international

In Antarctica, scientists have discovered a large meteorite

(ORDO NEWS) -- Field Museum: A meteorite weighing 7.6 kilograms was discovered in Antarctica. An

A meteorite from Canada changed the theory of the formation of the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) -- A meteorite flying over Canada could change scientists' ideas about the formation

Meteorite hit over Spain

(ORDO NEWS) -- The fall of the meteorite was recorded over Spain on December 9th.

15-ton meteorite found in Somalia contains minerals not found on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- A meteorite that fell in Somalia in 2020 contains two minerals that

Scientists have discovered two unknown materials in a meteorite that fell to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the University of Alberta have detected minerals in the El