Scientists have discovered two unknown materials in a meteorite that fell to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Alberta have detected minerals in the El Ali meteorite that have never been found on Earth before. The discovery was announced at the annual Space Exploration Symposium.

The meteorite was found by scientists in 2019 in Somalia near the city of El Ali. The meteorite weighs about 14 tons and fell to Earth in antiquity.

The local tribes nicknamed him “Twilight” in their legends. Part of the cosmic body was buried under the sand, the other part was used by the locals to sharpen knives.

Scientists separated samples weighing about 70 grams from the meteorite and conducted their chemical analysis.

As a result, two new minerals were found – elaliite and elkinstantonite – as well as a rock that does not exist in the natural environment on Earth either.

The research team will continue to study the meteorite if more samples can be obtained. The problem is that the space object itself was dug up and transported to China to be sold at auction.


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