Paleontologists have figured out how dinosaurs lived at the time of the fall of the meteorite that destroyed them

(ORDO NEWS) — Paleontologists from the University of Edinburgh found that at the time of the meteorite impact on Earth about 65 million years ago, dinosaurs had no problems with food sources and territory.

According to the main hypothesis, the extinction of dinosaurs was the result of changes on Earth caused by the fall of a meteorite with a diameter of about 10 km on the territory of the modern Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

However, there are other versions – for example, that dinosaurs could not stand the competition with mammals.

The researchers studied more than 1,600 fossil samples over a long period of time: the oldest fossils belonged to animals that inhabited the Earth 18 million years before the meteorite impact, and the most recent ones belonged to those who lived 4 million years before the catastrophe.

The fossils represented almost every kind of animal, from fish, salamanders and frogs to dinosaurs and mammals.

As a result of the analysis of the fossils, scientists came to the conclusion that dinosaurs all this time occupied a stable position in the food chain. There is no indication that their food sources were declining.

“At the same time, mammals were just trying to gain a foothold in the food chain of that time. They tried to occupy different habitats that were not occupied by dinosaurs, hence the diversity of different species.

Our study only proves that it was the extinction of the dinosaurs that helped the development of mammals, ”the scientists noted.

The extinction wiped out about 75% of the animal and plant species on the planet. Fires followed the impact, particulate matter rose into the air, and the landscape and atmosphere changed.

According to scientists, dinosaurs could not adapt to such changes – a meteorite destroyed the old world and its inhabitants.


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