Saudi diplomat dies during speech on meeting with God

(ORDO NEWS) -- The solemn speech of the Saudi diplomat during the conference in Egypt

Sacred Mountain of the Moon God

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Mad emperor Caligula who declared himself a god

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Can science prove the existence of God

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In a pile of garbage found the ancient name of God

(ORDO NEWS) -- The discoverer believes that the "curse tablet" he discovered is 3200 years

After taking antibiotics, the man “heard the voice of God”

(ORDO NEWS) -- A recently published case study that appeared in the journal BMC Psychiatry

Does God have a hypothetical limit of possibilities

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An unusual medical case: a man began to “hear God” after taking antibiotics

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Scientist called the denial of the existence of God the greatest delusion

(ORDO NEWS) -- To date, science cannot give an exact answer to the question of

Anubis – Egyptian god of the underworld

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