Nurse had a near-death experience – met God and learned the purpose of life

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(ORDO NEWS) — The woman recalled the amazing moment when she said she “met God” after falling into a coma.

52-year-old Penny Wittbrodt from Kentucky (USA) became seriously ill, it was difficult for her to swallow and breathe, and her son took her to the hospital.

In the hospital, the woman was connected to oxygen, but she became even worse.

After an allergic reaction caused by eating shellfish, Wittbrodt saw a “bright light”, after which her grandmother’s spirit telepathically told her to remain calm.

It was then that she had a spiritual experience and came face to face with God, where she indignantly spoke about the difficulties and sorrows that she and her family had to face in life.

According to Wittbrodt, God told her that suffering in this world would be rewarded in the afterlife,

Wittbrodt said she asked God to let her remember this amazing experience before she was brought back to life, saying that she would feel hopeless if she returned without a memory.

Nurse had a near death experience met God and learned the purpose of life

Wittbrodt states that she was immediately healed when she awoke from her coma.

“I felt a huge relief that someone was there and I wasn’t alone.”

Waking up from a coma, the woman felt that she had come to terms with the suffering experienced in her life.

“We are made to move forward, overcome difficulties and share kindness,” she said.

Wittbrodt said the biggest lesson she’s learned is that “earthly comforts don’t have the same value in the afterlife. It’s hardship and struggle that bear fruit.”

She says that each person gets a chance to choose their family and the life lessons they want to learn before coming into this world. Before you come, you know what problems you will have to face.


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