Scientists find oldest massacre site in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- Over the years, archaeologists have often found sites of massacres and burials.

MiG-21 fighter jet crashed in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- The MiG-21 fighter jet of the Croatian Air Force crashed in the

Drought destroys half of corn and soybean crops in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- A drought in the Western Balkans has wiped out half of Croatia's

Anthrax found in dead cattle in a natural park in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- Anthrax has been confirmed in dozens of cattle found dead in a

Severe storm hit Croatia – tennis ball-sized hailstones recorded

(ORDO NEWS) -- In northern Croatia, a strong hurricane affected the districts of Varazdin, Čakovec

Ancient bronze helmet discovered in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Croatia, experts have discovered an ancient bronze helmet, which was used

Holes in the ground: about a hundred sinkholes formed in the center of Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- The inhabitants of Croatia were faced with an unusual natural action: in

Heavy rain triggers flooding in Zagreb, Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) -- A violent storm accompanied by a heavy downpour hit the Croatian capital