Strange web pattern found on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have shown a Martian pattern that looks like a lacy honeycomb or cobweb.

The authors of the new work said that the patterns were formed due to seasonal climate changes and are composed of water ice and carbon dioxide.

Strange web pattern found on Mars 2

The science team said that water and carbon dioxide play an important role in shaping the surface of Mars.

Water ice, frozen into the soil, splits the earth into polygons. Then dry ice, which emerges from below the surface as the ground warms up in the spring, creates even more erosion.

But the authors found a certain region that is cracking even more actively. The layer of translucent dry ice that covers the surface forms holes that allow carbon dioxide to escape, the team said.

“The gas carries small particles of material away from the surface, further damaging it,” the team writes.
Scientists are studying the structure of the Martian soil to understand how ice is distributed in the bowels of the planet, as well as what climatic conditions are currently on it.


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