In Iran, archaeologists have found amazing ancient technologies

(ORDO NEWS) — The archaeological research carried out in Iran allowed scientists to take a fresh look at the technical achievements of the Achaemenid Empire. According to Tehran Times, archaeologists have studied the vast network of canals created by the ancients, which allowed people to survive in an arid climate.

Scientists led by archaeologist Hamidrez Karami unearthed ancient engineering structures that were part of the Didegan Dam (aka the Bostan Khani Dam). This is an ancient monumental structure that was built during the reign of the Achaemenid dynasty (550-330 BC).

A new season of archaeological work has confirmed that the Didegan Dam was part of a massive and extensive network of canals designed to combat droughts.

Scientists managed to completely free one of the main channels of the dam from under the ground – it turned out that the walls and bottom of the channel were completely made of stone.

According to Karami, the discovery made it possible to get an idea of ​​the amazing technologies involved in the construction of the ancient monumental structure. The Achaemenid earthfill dams are a real engineering marvel – even today such structures are built according to the same engineering models.


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