Strange phenomenon in Mexico during the earthquake found an explanation

(ORDO NEWS) — Not far from Acapulco, many local residents had the opportunity to see bright flares that occurred directly during a fairly strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1.

A video immediately circulated on the Internet, in which the flash data can be clearly seen. It is reported by Forbes.

Users immediately called these flashes “earthquake lights.” Some even began to speculate that it could be a UFO.

Earthquake fires are a phenomenon that science has not yet been able to confirm. You can observe this both before the onset of the tremors, and directly during or after the completion of the tremor of the earth. They are described as bright flashes, balls that glow or flames that burst from under the surface of the earth.

Most seismologists pay no attention to these stories. It is worth noting that in 1973, Yutaka Yasui provided images showing the bright lights that arose over the city of Matsushiro during the earthquake. But until today, there is no confirmation of the authenticity of these photos.

If we talk about the situation in Mexico, then David Bressan said that everything is very simple. In fact, flashes of light are just short circuits that have occurred in transformers throughout the city.

At the same time, the sky glowed due to the fact that the clouds began to reflect bright light on the ground. Something similar could be observed 4 years ago in Mexico City, when there was a very powerful earthquake.


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