Strange footprints found on the moon that were definitely not left by astronauts during the landing

(ORDO NEWS) — During the entire existence of the Apollo project, supported by NASA, five flights to the moon were organized. The first one is known to all: then Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin landed on our natural satellite. In total, 12 representatives of humanity were able to visit the moon.

The last astronaut was Harrison Schmitt, who managed to collect 700 soil samples and set the record for the longest “lunar walk” (20 miles covered in a lunar rover). Since there is no wind and earthquakes on a natural satellite, their traces will remain there for millions of years.

As Schmitt told reporters, he developed his own gait technique in order to overcome a long distance. The man slid and pushed off with his toes every time he touched the surface. Thus, the acceleration took place. The astronaut was able to clearly see his tracks when he took off in the Apollo 17 spacecraft.

Scientists recently discovered footprints that astronauts could not have left. This turn of events made the experts think seriously. New tracks were seen 30 miles from the rocket landing site. The impression was that someone was marching on the surface of the moon. Plus, scientists could not help but notice the huge size of the grooves.

Lunar geologist Benjamin Weiss believes that the footprints are due to a surface lava “tube” and have nothing to do with human activity. The observation allegedly proves that the Moon once had active volcanoes and entire lava plains.


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