A black hole near Earth may not be a black hole

(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier it was reported that scientists near our planet discovered the HR 6819 system, which has a black hole. New research shows that this object may not be near us.

After some observations, it was found that the system includes two stars with strange double orbits, making interpretation difficult. HR 6819 is located 1120 light years from Earth, for a long time scientists did not know anything about this system. Astronomers originally thought they were dealing with a single star of spectral type Be.

In the 1980s, scientists figured out that the system includes several stars. One object, named B3 III, was in a 40-day orbit, while the other, Be, appeared stationary. The mass of the stars was the same, the investigator, they must rotate around a common center of gravity, and not one around another. After some thought, the group of scientists decided that there is a third object, which is a black hole.

Some astronomers have suggested that the mass of the stars was originally calculated incorrectly. If so, then the interpretation of the HR 6819 system changes completely.

B3 III may be a low mass star or a young body. In this case, she will be Be’s companion in the 40-day binary system. In other words, B3 III revolves around Be. At the same time, Be took the bulk of the hydrogen gas for herself. There is no black hole there.

The results of the study indicate that HR 6819 is indeed a binary system, only consisting of one massive star and a donor star. The second follows the first. The experts came to such conclusions when they studied the emission of hydrogen in the spectrum of the system: the hydrogen disk surrounding the star Be, in fact, shows a 40-day periodicity in the Doppler shift and emission lines. The mass of the star Be as a result of the absorption of the material of another object is equal to six Suns, and B3 III is no more than 0.8.

The final results of the study depend on future observations.


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