Star “escaping” from the Milky Way at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — Two thousand light-years from our planet, scientists have recorded a star that is flying towards the edge of the Milky Way at incredible speed. The star, dubbed LP 40–365, is a debris created by a supernova explosion. She is one of the unique stars that move very quickly.

The speed reaches 3.2 million km / h. In this case, the object additionally rotates around its axis. It is reported by

Jay Jay Hermes noted that earlier experts did not even assume that such a star, which survived the explosion and continued to move on, could exist. Hermes and Putterman conducted a study that provided new information on similar objects.

Supernovae occur as a result of the fact that a white dwarf has gained a very large mass and exploded because of this. If scientists can determine the speed of rotation of a given star, then they can easily determine which system LP 40-365 flew from.

Presumably, this object, which was orbiting another star, was at a short distance. During the explosion, something like a slingshot appeared, which was the reason for the launch of the LP 40–365 fragment into outer space.

The study carried out by specialists will also provide additional information regarding what role these stars played, when the supernova itself occurred and what actually could happen after the explosion.


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