Kim Jong Un has a patch and a green spot on his head

(ORDO NEWS) — Journalists noticed a plaster on the head of the North Korean leader and now believe that he may be seriously ill. Kim Jong Un has also lost a lot of weight recently.

It is worth noting that this is far from the first information regarding the illness of the DPRK leader, but there is still no confirmation of this. It is reported by NK News.

The politician appeared with a mysterious plaster located on the back of his head twice – on July 24, as well as on July 27 at various events. A dark spot was also noticed some time ago, which very much resembled a bruise.

At the same time, back in the spring, it was said that Kim Jong-un has a very emaciated appearance and this fact frightened the local residents. Many even began to say that the politician’s double began to appear in public.

Rumors about the health problems of the head of the DPRK began to appear regularly last year. It was also said that he began to prepare a replacement for himself in the form of his own sister.

Some sources even wrote that Kim Jong-un is in critical condition after the operation, but this information has not been officially confirmed.

North Korean state media have refrained from commenting on all these rumors. No confirmation or denial has been received from them. Some time later, after the alleged “heavy operation”, Kim Jong-un again began attending various social events.


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