Solar X1.9 flare causes ‘strange impact on Earth’s magnetosphere’

(ORDO NEWS) — The January 9th X-flare did something rare. It brought down the earth’s magnetic field. This impact was recorded by magnetometers in Boulder, Colorado; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Fredericksburg, Virginia.

“Jerk” is circled in yellow. It began around 18:46 UT and was detected by many magnetic observatories on the day side of the Earth during the outburst.

Solar X1 9 flare causes strange impact on Earths magnetosphere

Scientists called this phenomenon “magnetic hook”. The flare radiation ionized the upper part of the Earth’s atmosphere and caused currents to flow at a height of 60 to 100 km above the Earth’s surface.

These currents, in turn, briefly altered the Earth’s magnetic field. A few minutes later everything was back to normal.


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