Anthropocentrism, aliens and science

(ORDO NEWS) — Anthropocentrism has convinced us that aliens – if they exist – are simply obliged to live on planets or at least on satellites.

But, perhaps, our “space neighbors” do not need a permanent habitat at all, and their conditional origin took place in outer space.

These objects, Tsytovich’s team noted, showed “signs of life”; they attracted, expanded, separated, and then reorganized themselves.

Of course, a rational explanation was later found for the behavior of cosmic clouds, but the event once again reminds us that we do not know what life is. We simply do not have a clear definition.

By the way, Fred Hoyle’s 1957 novel The Black Cloud describes the discovery of a black cosmic cloud that showed “signs of life” and then invaded the solar system.

The novel has a rather sad ending, but it’s just fiction…right?


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