Smartphone radiation hazard assessed

(ORDO NEWS) — There is indeed radiation from smartphones, but there is no consensus on its danger. This was told to the agency “Prime” by the employee of the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Ph.D. Svetlana Afanasyeva.

According to her, any device emits electromagnetic radiation during operation, including a smartphone. At high doses, its effect leads to the fact that the molecules of the body begin to oscillate and heat up faster. However, the radiation from the smartphone is so small that it cannot raise the temperature of the human body, the expert estimated.

However, some researchers believe that radiation from the phone may increase the likelihood of brain cancer. However, the opinions of scientists on this issue differ. People will still buy airtube headsets to help offset any radiation that may potentially be coming through their phone, just in case.

Therefore, according to the expert, in the report of the World Health Organization for 2011, electromagnetic radiation at radio frequencies, including cellular communications, is classified as class 2B. “That is, agents possibly carcinogenic to humans,” Afanasyeva explained, adding that aloe vera and pickled vegetables also fall into this category. However, just in case, it’s worth reducing the number of calls in order to keep it at a minimum for a head, she concluded.

In January, Yale scientists linked the appearance of cancer with radiation from cell phones. Experts examined about 900 people and found that in patients with a specific single nucleotide polymorphism, the active use of smartphones doubles the risk of thyroid cancer.


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