Seven-headed Hydra: a mysterious deity whose worship links ancient civilizations

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(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have made an amazing discovery that connects the ancient Turks and Aztecs. By examining petroglyphs and studying the pantheon of both peoples, archaeologists discovered that both peoples worshiped the same mysterious creature – the seven-headed hydra.

The image of a seven-headed hydra, found in Altai, was created approximately five thousand years ago. It is especially valuable because it contains the runic inscription “Manaka” in the lower left corner of the picture. This inscription is a symbol of the Milky Way, which had a special meaning for the Turks.

Next, the researchers turned their attention to the Aztec pantheon and discovered the existence of a similar deity named Chicomecatl. Images of this deity can be found in ancient temples throughout Mexico. Chicomecatl was also a creature with seven snake-like heads. The Aztecs are known to have offered sacrifices to the goddess Chicomecatl, including children.

However, that’s not all. In Hinduism, there is a fertility goddess whose image also includes a female figure with her head surrounded by seven snakes. This goddess is called Manasa and has certain similarities with the Turkic deity.

Researchers believe that these finds indicate that Eurasian nomads were involved in the settlement of America, since the pagan cult associated with the seven-headed deity existed for more than 13 thousand years. In addition, in Eurasia, the Aryans and Sumerians also worshiped a seven-headed deity, whom they called Mushman. Information about this deity reached the Greeks through the myth of the Lernaean Hydra, killed by Hercules.

But why did the nomads worship the seven-headed deity? Since ancient times, people have known the constellation Hydra, the top of which consists of seven bright stars. In the minds of the nomads, it was a kind of heavenly dragon that created the Milky Way.

Thus, the discovery of the connection between the ancient Turks and the Aztecs through the worship of the seven-headed hydra is unique and interesting. It reaffirms ancient connections between different cultures and expands our understanding of human history.


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