Set data rate record

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian researchers have achieved a record speed of data transfer over the Internet from one optical chip – 44.2 Tbps – over a distance of 76 km in the existing network infrastructure.

This is approximately 44,000 times faster than the fastest home connection speed available today. The developers emphasize that the new technology can eventually become mass without the need for network restructuring.

At this speed, you can download 1000 movies in HD in a split second. But why?

A breakthrough made by scientists from three universities in Australia would not have been possible without the so-called microcrest, a device that was first tested in the field. It replaces 80 individual infrared lasers, each of which can be used as a separate communication channel.

For testing, scientists used 76.6 km of fiber optic cable connecting two campuses in Melbourne. A network with a bandwidth of 4 THz was able to transmit data at a speed of 44.2 Tbps.

“In the long run, we hope to create integrated photonic chips that will achieve these data rates in existing fiber optic networks at the lowest cost,” Arnan Mitchell, lead researcher.

However, to use such a data transfer rate at home in the near future will not work.

According to the researchers, even if the technology “gets on a commercial footing”, the first ones who can use it are likely to be data centers. In the end, gigabit Internet has been around for a long time, but it is still not found everywhere. Nevertheless, experts add, if the new technology becomes cheap enough, then one day it may become available to ordinary consumers.


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