Sensors found in the jaws of Tyrannosaurus Rex

(ORDO NEWS) — Tyrannosaurus rex is considered to be the most dangerous predator to this day. Experts from Japan found that in fact he was even more dangerous than everyone previously thought.

After carefully examining the jaw of this terrible monster, experts determined that it contained a very complex system of nerves. It is reported by Historical Biology.

The nerve system was much more advanced than the rest of the dinosaurs. In many ways, it resembles the one that is found today in some birds and modern crocodiles. Experts emphasized that it was thanks to such “sensor sensors” that the predator could quickly and efficiently catch its prey and then consume it.

The study was the first in which scientists analyzed the inner structure of the lower jaw of a Tyrannosaurus as accurately as possible. In order to carry out the analysis, as well as to recreate the neurovascular canal, the experts used computed tomography.

After that, they began to compare the model with other species that have already become extinct and still live on our planet.

The neurovascular canal had a fairly branched pattern. At the same time, in terms of its complexity, it reached the level of modern crocodiles and ducks. Most likely, a similar trigeminal nervous system was used by predators as a kind of sensitive sensor located on the face.

Tyrannosaurus could easily determine the size of prey and its other features, which influenced the choice of a particular hunting strategy.


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