Secrets NASA won’t reveal: the truth about why people stopped flying to the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — From the moment the Apollo mission was completed in 1972, the United States began to keep the landing programs on the lunar surface in standby mode. No one has flown to a satellite in 50 years. But some time ago, NASA announced that the astronauts will be sent to the moon in four years.

The new mission was named Artemis. If all goes well, this will be the second US landing on the lunar surface. The US government has repeatedly said that the reason for stopping NASA’s subsequent missions to Earth satellite after 1972 was that there was not enough funding. But in fact, the reason may be hidden in something completely different.

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During another mission in 1969, after the spacecraft landed on the moon, there was an unexpected interruption in radio transmissions, the duration of which was two minutes. Many do not perceive this as an accident and believe that at this time the astronauts were discussing what they saw on the satellite. It could be extraterrestrial beings, flying saucers and so on.

In the late 70s, they were going to send Apollo 18 to the moon, but at the last moment everything was canceled. After some time, information appeared that data had been found, which states that the mission still took place. Astronauts not only landed on the lunar surface, but also saw alien life. But because the government intervened, the recovered footage was never released to the public, and all rumors soon stopped.


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