Scientists told how to quickly expose a liar

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted a new study and established a method that will allow you to expose the liar as quickly as possible. To do this, it is enough to distract him.

Experts note that in order to come up with some kind of lie, a person needs to make certain cognitive efforts.

At the same time, when he starts thinking about some minor information, he gets lost. The important point is that the liar must really believe his interlocutor and be distracted from what he was saying.

Aldert Vridge of the University of Portsmouth in the UK said the study showed that truth and lies tend to sound the same.

But only as long as the liar thinks about what he is talking about. If this opportunity is limited, then the person does not have enough time to think about his lie.

At the same time, scientists note that the system is not yet reliable enough, so more research is needed to understand exactly how multitasking can prevent lying.

The study involved 164 volunteers. At the very beginning, interviews were conducted with participants who shared with scientists their views on various social issues.

After that, two groups were formed. In the first were those who were supposed to tell the truth, and in the other – liars.

Then these groups were further divided into three. The first group was given a task and noted how important it was.

The second group also received tasks, but did not know anything about its importance. The third group of participants was without a task.

The task involved writing down a 7-digit registration number, which was previously shown to each of the participants.

After the interview was over, everything heard from the participants and how plausible it looked was evaluated.

The experts noted that they noticed the main differences in the credibility, immediacy, speed of answers to the questions posed and in the openness of the volunteers.

Experts say that it is necessary for secondary information to be as important as possible for an opponent who is lying. In this case, he will not have not only the time, but also the strength and energy to think through his lie to the end.


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