A nutritionist told what diseases lemon protects against

(ORDO NEWS) — Lemons are considered to be very popular fruits that are enjoyed by many people. Most believe that it contains the maximum amount of ascorbic acid, but if we talk about only one small slice, then this is not entirely true.

Many people say that lemon is a source of a large amount of ascorbic acid and therefore it tastes sour. As a prevention of colds and saturation of the body with vitamins, many people use lemons, add their various drinks or eat them straight in slices.

A medium-sized lemon, which weighs approximately 60 grams, can provide the human body with up to 30 mg of vitamin C, but this is only a third of the daily requirement.

Only a few are able to completely eat the fruit, and even with the peel. Therefore, you should not count if a slice of lemon is eaten a day, then the body will receive a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that ascorbic acid is destroyed in hot water, so tea with lemon will not bring any benefit.

In addition to ascorbic acid, lemons contain a small amount of vitamins B6 and B1. The fruit contains minerals such as potassium and copper, which are mainly found in the peel. It contains a lot of fiber and pectin.

Lemons contain not only vitamin C, but also many other useful components. The main ones are organic acids, namely malic and citric, as well as rutin and phytoncides.

With the help of flavonoids hesperidin and diosmin, it is possible to significantly improve blood circulation and prevent atherosclerosis. Fruit contains naringenin, lyonene and coumarins, which have a fairly strong antitumor effect.


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