Scientists have told when an Earth-like planet will be found

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Japan conducted a new study, during which they found out that literally within the next 8 years, a planet almost identical to Earth will be found.

It will feature not only continents, but also oceans. The TESS space telescope will be used for this. PLATO is planned to be launched in just a few years.

Masahiro Ikoma from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Tadahiro Kimura from the University of Tokyo are sure that planets like ours should not be found near stars that resemble the Sun.

Yellow dwarfs are incredibly bright, and therefore it is extremely problematic to find a small rocky world in their immediate vicinity.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that some time ago astronomers discovered many exoplanets along with crane dwarfs. These stars are dimmer.

You can find such planets using the transit method. In this case, a star passes on the background of the exoplanet. Red dwarfs are not very bright, so it is much easier to find those planets that are close to them.

Japanese experts are completely sure that objects identical to the Earth will most likely revolve around such dim stars.

Researchers note that the planet is suitable for life, it must revolve around a star in the habitable zone. In other words, this distance does not allow solar energy to turn water into ice or boil it when it hits a rocky planet.

In a new Japanese study, it is said that it is necessary to find an object with more than one water, because this is not the only parameter that it can be potentially inhabited.

There must be continents on the planet, which play a very important role in the carbon cycle.

Due to this, there can be a really moderate climate, which allows water to remain in a liquid state. It is very important to maintain a really correct balance of land and oceans.


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