Scientists have revealed the secret of making strong coffee

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(ORDO NEWS) — Coffee is a drink that needs to be brewed correctly. Otherwise, the taste, aroma and strength will be spoiled.

A cup of coffee drink is a source of energy and cheerfulness. And to get the maximum benefit from its use, you need to know how to cook it.

In the coffee maker, the preparation process is automatic. A person does not need to do anything. But if you use a Turk or a geyser, you need to follow the recommendations.

If the coffee is prepared correctly, it will definitely have a brown foam – this is cream (emphasis on the a). To get it, you need a weak fire. The drink should gradually give its properties.

Do not boil the coffee. It should be brought to a boil and immediately removed from the heat. Active boiling destroys all useful properties.

What scientists say

Scientists studied different methods of preparing coffee and came to the following conclusions:

  • Espresso is the strongest of all types of brewed coffee. It has three times more caffeine than Americano, cappuccino, ristretto, etc. Therefore, if you want to get a boost of energy for the whole day, brew it
  • French press and air press give a less stunning result. If you brew coffee using these methods, the amount of caffeine in a cup of espresso will only be twice as much

To prepare espresso properly, use finely ground coffee. The smaller, the better the contact with water. The powder will give maximum caffeine, and the drink will be strong and tasty.

Cooking on the sand in a Turkish oven is another method that scientists recommend. It requires special quartz sand. And you can heat it in an ordinary frying pan with a thick bottom.

Cold cooking method. Few people know about it, although the technique is simple – first brew in a Turk, and after brewing, you need to leave the drink to cool down and infuse for several hours. Then separate the liquid from the pulp and enjoy the taste.


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