Scientists have restored the “lost” tectonic plate

(ORDO NEWS) — Tectonic plates may or may not appear. Now geophysicists were able to discover the “disappeared” plate, which some believed to be non-existent.

The surface of our planet is made up of tectonic plates that are in constant motion. Due to the processes at the boundaries of these plates, mountains and volcanoes are formed. Due to the subduction process, tectonic plates can sink underground and disappear. Therefore, restoring the movement of tectonic plates in the past is not an easy task.

Researchers previously assumed that in the early Cenozoic era, in addition to the two main tectonic plates – Kula and Farallon – there was also a third one called Resurrection (“Resurrection”). Other scientists believed that this slab never existed. Now geophysicistscreated a computer model that showed that “Resurrection” really fits well with historical tectonic processes.

Scientists have discovered a lot of magma east of the Coole-Pharallon contact zone in what is now Alaska and Washington. This magma should have remained after the formation of volcanoes at the edge of the Resurrection Plate.

The researchers used the available data and were able to reconstruct the movement of tectonic plates over time. By rewinding this process, the researchers showed that the existence of the Resurrection fits well with the model created by scientists.


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