Google technology will help US track migrants

Google's technology will be used for the recognition of people's faces on the border between the US and Mexico, according to the document, relating to federal contracts.

(ORDO NEWS) — It became known about the cooperation of Google with Anduril – a startup producing defense technologies. This is contrary to the “AI Rules” published by Google in 2018.

In August 2020, US Customs and Border Protection accepted the offer on the use of Google Cloud technology. It facilitates the work of artificial intelligence developed by INVNT. Among other projects, INVNT is working on technologies for a new “virtual” wall along the southern border that integrates surveillance towers and drones, covering the area with sensors to detect intrusion into the country.

AT contract indicated that the cooperation of the SVR (military intelligence service) and Google carried out through Thundercat Technology, a reseller that positions itself as a leading IT provider for federal contracts.

The documents show that Google’s technology for CBP will be used in conjunction with work done by Anduril Industries, a defense technology startup. Its founder supports and raises funds for a tough conservative policy. It is not yet clear how exactly their joint work will be organized – representatives of Google did not comment on the contract in any way.

Anduril Industries’ approach is in stark contrast to Google’s. In 2018, the company published a list of “AI Principles”, which proclaimed Google’s social benefits, development of methods of protection and safety. In this document, Google’s leadership indicated that it is not going to use artificial intelligence to create weapons, organize surveillance that violates internationally recognized norms, technologies that can cause harm.

“This report shows that Google is comfortable with Anduril and CBP spying on migrants with their cloud-based AI, despite the fact that their AI Principles claim to do no harm or violate human rights,” said Jack Poulson, founder of Tech Inquiry and a former Google researcher who left the company for ethical reasons.


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