Scientists have reported two powerful solar flares

(ORDO NEWS) — Just a couple of days ago, there were two very strong flares on the Sun, which were attributed to the M-class. In this regard, experts warn that on September 26 it is worth waiting for a sufficiently powerful geomagnetic storm that will cover the entire Earth.

Reported by Weatherboy.

Last Thursday, two fairly strong eruptions were recorded in the area of ​​sunspot AR2871. As a result, this is now to be expected for a geomagnetic storm. Experts note that it is unlikely to adversely affect electricity or communication on the planet, but at the same time it will provoke incredibly bright aurora borealis.

Space weather in the solar system is heavily dependent on coronal holes. These are special dark areas that are in the sun. They look dark due to the fact that they have a lower temperature than the plasma that is around. The formation of coronal holes occurs directly in the outer region of the Sun’s atmosphere.

Solar flares are relatively weak explosions that release radiation. They cause disturbances in the ionosphere of our planet, which can affect the operation of GPS. In addition, such flares can significantly raise the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Coronal mass ejections, in turn, are huge bubbles of ionized gas. In the event that our planet is on their way, it will lead to interruptions in the supply of electrical energy.


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