Pennsylvania resident can go to jail for 43 cents

(ORDO NEWS) — The man accidentally didn’t pay 43 cents for a bottle of soft drink at one of the gas stations. As a result, he was arrested and today can only be released after paying a bail of $ 50,000. In addition, he could go to jail for seven years.

The Independent reports.

Joseph Sobolewski has been arrested and charged with a felony that complies with one of Pennsylvania’s current “three offenses” laws for theft. It is worth noting that a few years ago, a man was already punished on exactly the same charge.

Sobolevski didn’t pay 43 cents for a bottle of water. He left the sellers only two dollars on the counter. The gas station employees called the police and reported this visitor’s act. Megan Ammerman noted that for everyone who has previously been convicted of theft twice, the next crime automatically turns into a criminal one. At the same time, the amount of property stolen does not matter at all.

Brandon Flood, who represents the Intensive Pardon Board, called this a waste of resources. He added that now attention should be paid to more important events, for example, to the fight against a pandemic, and not to such minor cases.

Sobolevski didn’t pay for a full tank of gas more than 10 years ago. Then, in 2011, he stole $ 40 worth of shoes from a store. For this he was prepared for three months in prison and a fine of $ 866. This time he can go to prison for a term of 3.5 to 7 years for having miscalculated the cost of a bottle of the drink, because according to local law, this is his third crime.


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