Scientists have not solved the mystery of the most powerful radiation beam that hit us from the depths of the universe

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(ORDO NEWS) — Then a powerful gamma-ray burst hit the Earth, which may have changed our climate and caused an earthquake in Turkey.

The article, however, is not encouraging: there are no natural reasons for such an event. We tell everything that is known today about this incident of a universal scale.

These scary 19 hours

Gamma rays are essentially the same kind of light that we see with our eyes. Just very hard. You know what – ultraviolet is hard.

Behind him on the scale of the spectrum are x-rays, and do not mess with them. So, gamma rays are even more dangerous than x-rays.

And astronomers thought that nature did not produce them. But they poured out in abundance after nuclear explosions.

In the 1950s, countries vied with each other to test atomic bombs, and scientists became familiar with gamma rays. Finally, they decided to ban the tests. To monitor whether anyone violates, launched several satellites.

And needless to say, the outbreaks continued. The machinations of the United States or the Soviets? But it quickly became clear: gamma-ray bursts come from deep space.

When the Voyager spacecraft was sent to the outskirts of the solar system in the 1970s, they were also equipped with gamma counters.

Communication with the Voyagers, which are already moving in a strange space where the “rules” dictated by our Sun do not work, is still lost.

It was they who on October 8, 2022 became the first witnesses of an incredible event.

So the Voyager counters worked. They immediately sent a signal to Earth. The signal was flying towards us at the speed of light. Whole 19 hours.

But a gamma wave of unimaginable force flew with him also at the speed of light. And the Voyagers could not warn us, their data and the gamma wave itself arrived on Earth at the same time.

Gamma detectors near the Earth seemed to be blinded by the incredible force of the pulse. From different parts of the Earth, scientists sent telegrams: the equipment was broken.

Later they will make a mathematical model, and they will understand: events of this kind in the Universe occur once every 10 thousand years.

Of course, if it is a natural, natural event. It turns out that our civilization has never seen such a thing. And won’t see it for a long time.

The last cry of the star

Let’s discard exotic hypotheses for now. What does science say?

Since gamma rays are extraordinary radiation, the event that produces them is catastrophic. For example, the collision of two neutron (very dense) stars. The impulse, however, will be weak.

For one that was in October, only the collapse of a star into a black hole will do. The star must be huge, and the black hole must be incredible.

They calculated: if so, the event happened 2.4 billion light-years from us. It is somewhere on the edge of the observable world. And this is 2.4 billion years ago! The universe was then young and stormy.

And here it is important to understand why the article in the magazine was delayed for so long. If it’s a supernova, there should be some traces. Nebula, for example – that is, the remnants of this entire catastrophe.

Like in the constellation Taurus, where in 1054 they saw a supernova explosion, and now there is a nebula that you can see with binoculars.

Waiting for something to show up. But it’s empty. It’s as empty as it can be in deep space. And this is a huge problem. This suggests that there is no supernova, and no black hole, there.

Then what is it?

And here we plunge into an obscure world of speculation and semi-scientific hypotheses – but still not fantasies. And here are the options:

– We don’t understand physics well

Modern physics is based on the fact that the vacuum itself produces and immediately absorbs into nowhere the so-called virtual particles, including gamma quanta.

But how is this possible? Maybe we don’t get it right? And then gamma rays can be born without a supernova.

– Alien nuclear war

Nothing contradicts such an assumption. One civilization trashed another, why not?

– A signal from another dimension

Initially, astronomers were confused as to where the signal came from.

The fact that he is very distant, they began to assert later, and perhaps this is a stretch.

In this case, who knows, maybe he appeared very close to us, but he came from a parallel Universe, and is it from there (and not there) that the notorious virtual particles dive?

– A signal to us

In trying to contact “them” we use the radio, but the radio is a mediocre channel of communication.

Of course, gamma rays are better, they are tougher and pierce everything in their path. What if “they” have a gamma laser and it fires a targeted shot in our direction?

The climate will not be the same

But if so, the aliens have screwed us up pretty good. Gigawatts of energy have been released at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s as if a powerful power plant took and splashed all its energy into the atmosphere, and even in the form of gamma radiation. Has it gone unnoticed?

We are beginning to understand that the weather is determined not by clouds and other fogs, but by the ionosphere, a layer at an altitude of 80-100 km, which consists of charged particles.

The ionosphere, under the impact of gamma rays, hummed like a tightly stretched drum. The ionosphere is positively charged, the Earth itself is negatively charged.

The balance between these charges determines the weather. Of course, there is no balance now and it will not be restored soon.

The ionosphere seemed to be energized from outside, and it began to “pump out” electrons from the Earth.

During these months, scientists observe strange events in the electric field. And the climate is behaving very strangely.

Then, a powerful earthquake in Turkey. Among the hypotheses there is one: it is the balance of the Earth and the ionosphere that determines the stability of the lithospheric plates.

The charges flowed – the plates also started to move.

All this is still poorly understood. But there are some studies, and we will certainly return to this topic. In the meantime, it is clear: no matter what gave rise to a powerful flash of gamma radiation, the Earth has a long time to disentangle the consequences.


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