Scientists have found out how many Earth-like planets exist in the galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — For life to exist on a planet, it must revolve around its own star, but necessarily in the inhabited zone.

In addition, certain conditions must be present for the presence of liquid water on the surface. Do not forget about a comfortable temperature for life.

On Earth, about 30% of the entire surface is land. Everything else is oceans and seas.

A new study by scientists has shown that there are literally 1% of planets in the galaxy that can resemble ours and where life can originate.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that there can be up to 80% of potentially inhabited planets, and 19% are oceanic worlds or planets whose surface is completely covered with water.

“The simulations showed that it is practically impossible to find planets that would be an almost exact copy of the Earth.

The probability is extremely small, because there are literally 1% of planets in the galaxy that resemble ours,” says Tilman Spohn from the International Institute of Space Sciences in Switzerland.

Scientists note that it is on Earth that the ideal balance between water and land is observed. On other planets, one of the values, as a rule, shifts either towards the land or towards the oceans.

On our planet, such an ideal balance was achieved only 2.5 billion years ago, which was the result of certain processes occurring in the very depths of the Earth.

Still, there remains a very small possibility that there is a planet similar to our planet in space, with approximately the same balance of land and water.

“There can be a huge difference between flora and fauna on these planets.

For example, on planets covered in water, the climate may be warmer, wetter, and more tropical. “On land-covered planets, the climate is usually dry and cold,” Spon added.

At the same time, Canadian scientists from the University of Toronto obtained completely different simulation results.

They believe that on those planets where there is mainly land, there is an incredibly hot climate.


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