Scientists have found a unique wedding dress of the 17th century

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1660, a treasure ship sank off the coast of the island of Texel.

It was assumed that there were chests with expensive clothes, silverware, and leather-bound books. And part of the chests were found.

In part, we have to say “thanks” to nature for the fact that the treasure was found.

When the ship sank, the treasure chests were first covered with sand and, as it were, preserved them. Then, centuries later, the sand washed away and the chests became visible to divers.

To bring them to the surface, scientists organized and deployed a whole expedition that lasted 4 years!

The ship itself, which sank almost 4 centuries ago, has not survived.

But the chests, on the contrary, were perfectly preserved. Scientists found two luxurious dresses in them: one made of silk, the other a wedding dress.

Real silver is woven into the wedding dress. Hearts are embroidered with threads of semi-precious metal, and even rings are sewn.

Probably, a bride from a very rich family was supposed to go to the altar in it. Most likely, the dress was made in the 17th century.

The second dress is also expensive. It was sewn from silk satin damask fabric and embroidered with floral patterns. This garment has an unusual frill on the sleeves.

The bodice from the outfit of cream, red and brown shades is also well preserved. The buttons are also not simple, but golden. The decor of silk tassels harmoniously complements the outfit.

Scientists say that this outfit has a complex style and cut. The dress also belonged to a rich woman and she wore it every day.

All outfits in chests of different sizes. This may indicate that the clothes belonged to a family that loved to travel.

Other findings are less interesting. All the contents of the chests were handed over to the University of Amsterdam, where craftsmen are engaged in the restoration of preserved clothes.


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